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Dragon City Hack

Dragon City Hack and Cheats 2019 – Get Unlimited Gems And Gold For FREE

Dragon City has been with us for many years now, and it just keeps getting better and better! Game developer Social Point created this game where you are tasked with raising dragons to construct and expand your very own Dragon City. Each of the dragons has specific habitats they’re suited to, and the enclosures you make for them should cater to their needs. This game has a multiplayer element where you can play with other people or even connect your social media account to play with your friends!

Apart from habitats, there are other buildings you can construct to help you in building your dragon colony. You have the option of farming different crops to serve as the dragon’s food, and you can breed two of them to create different dragon variants that carry the characteristics of both parents. A constant supply of food is necessary for your City to thrive and it’s possible to achieve it only with our new Dragon City Hack Online version. If you don’t want to grow it yourself, you have the option of buying food at the nearby Dragon Market, or you can get it for free using our popular Dragon City Hack.

In-Depth Explanation For Currencies

Dragon City’s main form of currency is gold. It can be traded with an array of useful items and structures like habitats, decoration, Dragon eggs, and land expansions for your territory. You can skip the long waiting times and the needless grind by using the Dragon City Hack Tool we can provide for you that gives an unlimited amount of gold.

To increase a dragon’s experience points and up their level, you give them food. This food can be obtained through your farming plots that continuously generate a steady supply of food, and upgrading these plots will unlock more efficient crops that give higher food amounts per harvest.

The game’s other currency are Gems, and they are incredibly useful to have. The downside is that they can only be obtained by shelling out real-world money to exchange for them, or you can get them without any cost by using our Dragon City Cheat that gives you as many as you want. These Gems are useful for skipping the processes that take time, like hatching your dragon eggs (As your dragons become more complex, the time their egg hatches gets longer). You can also use Gems to improve your hatchery, and this will allow you to incubate more eggs at the same time. In short, Gems have many uses. You can improve your city, buy new lands to expand it, and purchase items that you need, all in exchange for Gems.

Fast Ways To Get Gems And Gold

The usual way of collecting Gold is through habitats. Most players wonder why in the world would habitats produce Gold, but if you think about habitats as some kind of “zoo,” then it makes a lot more sense. The rarer the dragon living inside your habitat, the higher amount of Gold it produces. Lvl 20 dragons can quickly net you hundreds of Gold every time you collect from their habitats. Take note though that each habitat has a limit to how much Gold it produces, so make sure you place your higher-level dragons in suitable habitats to maximize their Gold Output.

Another way to get Gold is by trading your dragons for them. This is great if you have dragons in your roster that don’t have any more use. You can also raise dragons for the sole purpose of selling them. A Jade Dragon, for example, is a lucrative way of getting Gold because they grow up quickly and each mature dragon will net you 100,000 Gold. If you plan accordingly, you can raise plenty of these dragons for a quick buck. Waiting for dragons to mature still take a lot of time, though. If you want the easiest and fastest way of getting Gold, try our improved Dragon City Hack Apk which will give you as much Gold as you want so you don’t have to spend countless hours grinding for them. Players can also earn Gold by winning fights at the Stadium, so be sure to have it constructed as soon as you can.

Main Goals You Need To Accomplish

Apart from raising, training, and battling with your dragons, there are other goals available in the game. These sequential tasks will guide a player to breeding the best dragon possible. Accomplishing these tasks will earn you extra free Gems, Gold and XP. These are two resources that you can’t get enough of and will be useful right up to the end. To speed up the process, you can use our efficient Dragon City Hacks to help you out a bit. Who wants to waste their time needlessly grinding for resources anyway? With our hack, you can get as many Food, Gold, and Gems, that you need without wasting your real-money trading for them!

Tutorial For Beginners

You get new dragons in your city by breeding together existing dragons to produce an egg, or you can buy an egg at the shop. To breed dragons, go to your Breeding Mountain and choose 2 of your dragons you want to reproduce. After a while, they will produce an egg. Place the eggs in your hatchery to begin raising them.

Dragons need food in order to gain levels, and this will increase their stats to improve their battle prowess. Higher-level dragons also net more profits. While the lore suggests that every dragon has a specific food preference, in-game food only has one type- food. Get more by constructing farms or by using the Dragon City Generator to get as much food as you need.


Dragon City will give anyone plenty of hours of entertainment, perfect for people looking to pass some time. Admittedly, the stories and quests lack a bit of substance, giving players little motivation to finish or accomplish them. The game also reaches a kind of paywall nearing the end game, where players have no choice but to buy resources with real-life money. The waiting times would be too long otherwise. PvP is also very simplistic and lacks substance, which eventually makes it boring after a few hours of playing it. Despite these flaws, the pros outweigh the cons, and Dragon City is still a great game to have on your mobile.